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Emerging Adulthood

Emerging adulthood is a type of extended adolescence in which young adults in their 20s and early 30s explore love, work, travel and other interests while gradually moving toward enduring commitments and life choices. 

Called the Postponed Generation when Dr. Eileen Gallo and her late husband Jon Gallo first examined the phenomenon 30 years ago, emerging adulthood has today become an accepted stage of human development. New neuroscientific research has added to our understanding of the personal challenges and frustrations emerging adults and their families encounter. 

In this 2019 video series, Dr. Gallo speaks with candid young adults and parents about their individual paths to maturation and acceptance. Estate Planning attorney Don Kozusko, an ACTEC member and recent chair of the subcommittee on Emerging Adulthood, contributes his view on working with the family dynamics of emerging adults in the trust and estate planning context. 

What is Emerging Adulthood?

The Different Paths of Emerging Adulthood

Estate Planners and Emerging Adults

Parenting Through Emerging Adulthood

Emerging Adults on What Makes an Adult